AgroTrust is an environmental consultancy specialized in Carbon Footprint. A company with capital from Extremadura, it was created by several entrepreneurs and professionals in the  agricultural sector, who were convinced of the importance of agricultural and livestock sector in Spain as a CO2 sink and the need to put value on it.

From this need, AgroTrust is involved in R&D projects to develop new methodologies for calculating and reducing carbon footprint of the agricultural , sector, with the consequent benefit that it will provide, not only to the agricultural and livestock sector, but also to the industry, as a result of the life cycle assessment.

  We advise our clients, guiding them through the application of regenerative agriculture and livestock practices that will lead to a Carbon Footprint reduction of their farms and their products. We also help in the valuation process of these reductions. In countries, such as the US, CO2 reductions achieved as a result of regenerative agriculture practices are sold as emission rights. Thus, farmers obtain an extraordinary income on their farms. In Spain this is going to be a reality in the short term, so Agrotrust anticipates the future by advising to implement these practices and making the Carbon Footprint calculations to be able to accurately measure the CO2 reductions achieved.

That is why AgroTrust is not only another consultancy, but it will be also a reference and necessary agent in the reduction of the Carbon Footprint.