Agrotrust, the key to calculating Señorío de Montanera's carbon footprint

Agrotrust has calculated the Carbon Footprint of the Extremadura-based Iberian ham producer Señorío de Montanera following the ISO 14064-1 calculation standard. In order to measure the Carbon Footprint of Señorío de Montanera, an inventory and balance of its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions has been carried out following the procedures established in ISO 14064-1. This calculation has been made for the base year 2021 to be used as a reference for future years.

Verification of the Carbon Footprint Calculation has been carried out by the company Bureau Veritas with the issue of a favourable report and certificate accrediting the transparency, veracity and accuracy of the calculation and report of emissions of the Carbon Footprint of Señorío de Montanera.

Calculating the Carbon Footprint of an organisation is the first step towards compliance with the commitment to zero net emissions, obtaining an initial assessment of the risks and opportunities and identifying the critical points of emissions in the value chain.

Señorío de Montanera's commitment to sustainability reinforces its strategic positioning as a leading organisation in its sector and at the same time committed to the environment. You can read the full article (in spanish) by clicking here.