Jose María Carande, manager of AgroTrust, was interviewed in the support programme for companies and SMEs in Extremadura that are looking for solutions to launch and activate their businesses, "Fondo GO! Extremadura", belonging to the newspaper HOY. You have the full article below:

How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


The amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a company almost by the mere fact of its existence, i.e. through the manufacture of its products or the performance of any other action, even if it is just turning on the lights in the office, is known as its carbon footprint. And the aim, either through legislation or awareness, is to reduce it. The consultancy firm AgroTrust is dedicated to achieving this for different companies and professions.


After analysing various details provided by clients, they draw up “a detailed report using specific software to obtain specific data on these harmful emissions and draw up a roadmap to reduce them”, explains José María Carande Checa, the company’s manager. But they do not stop at this step, but have opted to facilitate the process for those who hire them, and therefore they are also responsible for monitoring the process “until they obtain the environmental quality seal issued by the Ministry”, which is necessary for more and more aspects such as accessing public aid, opening up new markets, as this plan is compulsory in many countries, or improving their corporate image.


The sectors that are currently demanding its services are industry and agro-industry, although they are not the only ones, of course. In addition, AgroTrust is carrying out several R&D-related projects. For example, in regenerative agriculture and new methodologies for calculating carbon dioxide in dehesa with extensive livestock farming and in agriculture in order to take into account good livestock and agricultural practices that increase the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere; for all this “we are creating new calculation methodologies to, in the future, verify these carbon removals and convert them into emission rights”.


In this way, AgroTrust is anticipating future national and European demand because in countries such as the USA, “farmers who use regenerative agricultural practices have managed to reduce their emissions”, explains José María Carande Checa, the company’s manager. “These are good agricultural and livestock farming practices that enable the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and even allow these companies to value their business by selling emission rights and obtaining new income”.


In Spain there is still a long way to go, especially in terms of legislation and awareness, “our objective is to reach an agreement with the two ministries so that these practices can be regulated, in some way, and also rewarded”, AgroTrust stresses.


AgroTrust, located in Badajoz, in Plaza de España, 6, 3rd floor, and with telephone number 618 912 196, is the company in charge of offering all the mentioned benefits through the execution of practices that manage to reduce the carbon footprint in entities.